About Akoterm

We are the only manufacturer of AKOTERM thermal insulation in Belarus.


1998 — Registered CJSC Construction and Engineering.

2003 — The production of AKOTERM heat-insulating mats was launched.

2006 — The AKOTERM thermal insulation mat is patented.

2007 — Construction and Engineering CJSC was renamed into AKOTERM CJSC. The production of AKOTERM brand thermal insulation cylinders has begun.

2009 — Production started:

  • Products prefabricated heat-insulating mineral wool vertically layered AKOTERM STI TU BY 101474788.001-2011;
  • Thermal insulation cylinders and half-cylinders AKOTERM TS TU BY 101474788.002-2011.

2015 — Launched production:

  • The plate is heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, based on flax fiber AKOTERM FLAX TU BY 391129716.001-2015;
  • The plate is heat-insulating, sound-absorbing, based on polyester fiber AKOTERM COMFORT TU BY 391129716.001-2015;
  • Soundproofing plate based on regenerated mixed fiber TU BY 391129716.001-2015.

Our clients

  • Trading companies
  • Energy industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Construction companies
  • Housing Services